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Biking For Sarah Burke

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Help Jen Hudak raise money for The Sarah Burke Foundation!

“To say I owe a lot to the efforts that Sarah Burke put into the Freeskiing community would be an understatement.  Sarah was a visionary- able to see the possibilities, not the limitations, in every challenge.  She was always able to rise to her potential more often than not, and that is only part of what made her great.  Sarah always encouraged up-and-coming athletes, and now in her wake, the Sarah Burke Foundation continues to support rising stars, boys and girls alike, who have big dreams and need a little financial aid to get there.  The lessons that I have learned as an athlete are ones that I hope all people get to experience in some form or another—to create an environment where young athletes can pursue their dreams has become one of my biggest passions.  That is why I have chosen to partner with the Sarah Burke Foundation,” Jen Hudak.

Visit to support Jen in her quest to finish the race in 10 hours and provide support for our Up And Coming Athletes.